Clicking on either of the buttons below will take you to a site (provided by a wonderful company called DropBox) where both the book and CD are posted. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, you will see a box called SHARE. If you wait a few seconds, the empty box to the right of SHARE will open and contain the word DOWNLOAD. Click on DOWNLOAD to download the file. The book itself is a single PDF file, and will download in a folder called “Pre-Beginning Guitar-book.” There are 81 mp3 tracks on the CD, and it will download in a folder called “Pre-Beginning Guitar-CD.” Both the book and CD are .zip files, and will probably be automatically unzipped by your computer. If not, find the files in your “Downloads” folder, right click on each, and choose to open with your ‘expander’ or ‘archive’ utility.

To return to this page from DropBox, just click on the back arrow < at the top left of your browser page.

Because the book and CD use rights-protected materials, they must be used for instructional purposes only, and cannot be offered for sale. That said, I encourage you to distribute this method, gratis, to all the budding guitarists you know.

Download Book

26 MB

Download CD

280 MB